PowerAI 1.6.0 Introduction: A Full Transition to Conda

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 20.03.2019, 05:18) The latest version of PowerAI is here with version 1.6.0! We’ve been hard at work transforming the packaging and delivery model, updating the versions of the included frameworks and packages and adding new features. Let’s walk through the major changes in 1.6.0. Conda Packaging and the PowerAI conda channel Previous releases of PowerAI introduced interoperability […] The post PowerAI 1.6.0 Introduction: A Full Transition to Conda appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Firefox 66 on POWER

(Talospace - 20.03.2019, 04:33) Firefox 66 builds out of the box as Firefox 65 did. In addition, as part of the porting effort, I'm running occasional check builds roughly weekly to make sure we intercept issues on nightly before they get into beta and require a higher threshold of approval for patches. So far no major issues and Mozilla continues to be very amenable to getting the occasional fixes in promptly. The biggest change in Fx66 is the number of default content processes in this release has jumped from 4 to 8. This is good news on our massively parallel multicore systems generally, but it's possible that the differing memory usage may be what tickles that harmless kernel assertion (though on the other hand, setting it back down to 4 didn't eliminate them completely). If you're on Fedora as

TenFourFox FPR13 available

(TenFourFox Development - 16.03.2019, 21:24) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 13 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). I added Olga's minimp3 patch for correctness; otherwise, there are no additional changes except for several security updates and to refresh the certificate and TLD stores. As usual it will go live Monday evening Pacific time assuming no difficulties. I have three main updates in mind for TenFourFox FPR14: expanding FPR13's new AppleScript support to allow injecting JavaScript into pages (so that you can drive a web page by manipulating the DOM elements within it instead of having to rely on screen coordinates and sending UI events), adding Olga's ffmpeg framework to enable H.264 video support with a s

Life With a Low End iPad

(G5 Center - 15.03.2019, 02:27) One of my better purchases lately has not been an old Mac Pro (for under $30) or my fancy iPhone XR (which is a great phone) - it's been a basic 6th generation iPad for work. The iPad was on sale before Christmas at a local retailer, and I splurged for it as I needed it for both my school work, writing, and sermon prep. I really wanted an iPad Pro, but the price tag scared me off from that fancier device. In the end, the iPad has become a workhorse, not just for media consumption but for getting stuff done. Taking notes is fun with the original Apple Pencil, playing games is an option, and planning for work is a breeze. It's great to take on trips too and not have to lug my laptop around. In fact, I've been surprised at just how good it is for the price - around the $300 price point for the 128GB model. It's been a while since I've been so pleased from a purchase. But - I recognize it's not perfect for everyone. I do have a bluetooth keyboard I can throw into my bag on

Powerful Heterogeneous Computing Development Tool Brought by New Technology

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 14.03.2019, 15:11) An Interview With 2018 OpenPOWER / CAPI+OpenCAPI Competition Winners By Yang Dai and Yong Lu, IBM The 2018 OpenPOWER / CAPI + OpenCAPI heterogeneous computing design contest has come to an end. The 10 short-listed Chinese university teams who passed the semi-finals stage took three...

Further thoughts on Wayland

(The Cat Fox Life - 12.03.2019, 19:30) Previously on The Cat Fox Life, I wrote an accidentally now-infamous article on what I felt were lies/misconceptions that Wayland users were spreading about the Wayland system. One of the Wayland community’s more prolific developers wrote a rebuttal to my article, then directly responded to me on HN. I hadn’t yet gotten around to properly … Continue reading Further thoughts on Wayland

A close look at the Raptor Blackbird and what I did at So Cal Linux Expo 17

(Talospace - 10.03.2019, 03:42) Wow, what a swag haul (big box o'breakfast cereal for scale), and what a fun day at SCaLE 17x, the 17th annual So Cal Linux Expo! I'd actually never been before and now I see why people love to go!

Ubuntu LTS 14.04.6 available

(Talospace - 09.03.2019, 04:30) This is mostly relevant to our 32-bit PowerPC colleagues, but along with the recent updates to Ubuntu 16 and 18 comes what will likely be the final release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (read the change summary). This release is primarily security-focused, mostly to deal with the APT redirect vulnerability, though there are of course other fixes. PowerPC and POWER8 users still stuck on Ubuntu 14 should strongly consider upgrading to Ubuntu 16, which still supports 32-bit PowerPC, also supports POWER8 (but not POWER9), and is still receiving fixes as Ubuntu 14.04 will reach end of life in April 2019. Meanwhile, ISO images are available.

Academic and Industry Experts Share Expertise During OpenPOWER and AI Workshop at Loyola Institute of Technology

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 07.03.2019, 23:13) By Dr. Sujatha Jamuna Anand, Principal, Loyola Institute of Technology We recently held the OpenPOWER and AI training workshop in Chennai, India. In addition to faculty and students from Loyola Institute of Technology, we were joined by academic and industry experts from IBM, Open Computing...


(OpenPOWER Foundation - 07.03.2019, 17:57) 11 March 2019 NCSU

We’re Off and Running – OpenPOWER Foundation in 2019

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 07.03.2019, 15:16) By Hugh Blemings, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation We’re barely into March and already 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year for OpenPOWER. The list of events we’ve taken part in around the world in just two short months is long. Multiple sessions (including...

OpenPOWER Foundation Members Collaborate on Liquid Cooling for HPC

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 06.03.2019, 22:43) By Ganesan Narayanasamy, senior technical computing solution and client care manager, IBM New to the OpenPOWER Foundation, Open Computing Singapore provides High Performance Computing (HPC) products and solutions for the power architecture. They work closely with data centers, government agencies and enterprises across the Asia...

New Talos PowerAI SKU

(Talospace - 06.03.2019, 04:30) If you, ahem, want to see how good the POWER9 is at computer vision -- or any other kind of deep learning -- Raptor now announces a new Talos II package, the PowerAI Development System (TL2PA1). This is a T2 Lite with a 4-core CPU, 32GB RAM, 128GB NVMe flash and most notably an NVIDIA RTX 2070 GPU. Debian is pre-installed. Wait, did you say NVIDIA? Yes, because the intention with this system is to run IBM PowerAI Vision, and an NVIDIA NVLink-capable GPU is required (and so is a trial license). That automatically wouldn't make this a very good Talos workstation due to NVIDIA's historically poor open-source support (nouveau or bust since Power

Linux 5.0

(Talospace - 04.03.2019, 18:50) Linux 5.0 has been released (what used to be "4.21"). Linus is very clear that no kernel release is a feature release and the 5.0 divide is more an arbitrary numerical cutoff than anything else, but there are some important advancements in Linux 5.0 such as improved AMD GPU support, support for AMD FreeSync, file system improvements (especially to encryption performance), continued Y2038 work and various additional device support. I suspect that Talos users will find improvements to the ASpeed BMC media driver particularly relevant; my guess is this is part of the kernel support that the Blackbird is waiting on. Probably

Another choice for Intel TenFourFox users

(TenFourFox Development - 03.03.2019, 01:08) Waaaaaaay back when, I parenthetically mentioned in passing an anonymous someone(tm) trying to resurrect the then-stalled Intel port. Since then we now have a periodically updated unofficial and totally unsupported mainline Intel version, but it wasn't actually that someone who was working on it. That someone now has a release, too. @OlgaTPark's Intel TenFourFox fork is a bit unusual in that it is based on 45.9 (yes, back before the FPR releases began), so it is missing later updates in the FPR series. On the other hand, it does support Tiger (mainline Intel TenFourFox requires at least 10.5), it additionally supports several features not supported by TenFou

Ubuntu LTS 16.04.6 available

(Talospace - 01.03.2019, 18:10) Ubuntu LTS 16.04.6 is available (see the change summary for more details). Although 16.04.6 cannot boot on the Talos family, it does support POWER8, and is particularly relevant to our 32-bit PowerPC friends as it is the final Ubuntu release to support that architecture officially. All Power ISA official releases of Ubuntu are Server branded and do not install a GUI by default. Installation images are hosted at the Ubuntu download site.

OpenPOWER China Summit 2018

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 28.02.2019, 01:03) Click Here for Sights and Sounds Video of the China Summit OpenPOWER China Summit 2018 – 12 December 2018 Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng – 36 North Third Ring Road East Dongcheng District Beijing China      

News reprinted: Apple seeks home for its A4-sized Newton

(System Folder - 27.02.2019, 17:53) It’s been a while since I had some time to dive into my small archive of old computer magazines. While searching for a completely different thing, this bit of news published on the 5 August 1994 issue of MacUser UK caught my eye: A4 Newton for sale, one careful owner Apple seeks home for A4 … Continue reading News reprinted: Apple seeks home for its A4-sized Newton →

Raptor, help us out here on the software side

(Talospace - 26.02.2019, 18:27) I'll preamble this with a status report on the ppc64le Firefox JIT: stalled. The stall-out is because my time is currently occupied with Mozilla bug 1512162 which has to do with the connection between JavaScript and the native representation causing debug builds to assert. I wallpapered this for Firefox 66, and that seems to be okay, but the wallpaper just seems to have moved the badness around and the issue is more fundamental. This is a more serious issue, so it's my highest priority. Unfortunately, work on this bug is getting stymied by the fact that POWER9 has hardware watchpoints disabled in the Linux kernel. Trying to catch who's writing the faulty values is nearly impossible in an application of Firefox's complexity without it because without hardware assistance gdb has to single step through the code. When you don't know even what haystack to look fo

OpenSUSE 15.1 Beta available, just not for us (yet)

(Talospace - 25.02.2019, 07:23) The beta for OpenSUSE 15.1 is now available, at least for x86_64. This isn't actually news on the ppc64(le) side because the Leap releases don't currently have a Power ISA port. However, if you want to run OpenSUSE on your Talos II, you can with the Tumbleweed releases, which is their rolling-release flavour and apparently (I'm told) works quite well on the hardware. Nevertheless, hopefully as the install base grows there will be more interest in a stable Leap release for Power ISA as well.

And now for something completely different: The G5 that went to the dark side of the X-Force

(TenFourFox Development - 24.02.2019, 00:29) My favourite console of all time is still the ahead-of-its-time Sega Dreamcast, but a close second on my list is the PowerPC-based Microsoft Xbox 360. Besides being our favourite architecture, it plays a number of great games (I still think BioShock Infinite is one of the best games ever written, and it could have been even better) and many original Xbox titles, and it's even on topic here as Microsoft shipped Power Mac G5s as development systems to early Xbox 360 developers (the X360 being powered by the Xenon CPU, designed by IBM and using three of the PowerPC PPE cores that also appeared in the Cell processor). There was a famous Anandtech article I remember where at E3 2005 they disc

Booting a custom kernel/OS on the Raspberry Pi 3 B (64-bit)

(The Cat Fox Life - 22.02.2019, 18:21) On Wednesday afternoon, we were having a discussion of various 64-bit ARM SoCs on the Adélie Linux chat. I mentioned that the only one I had was a PINE64, which did not support graphical display on the version of the Linux kernel we ship. Michael, one of our contributors, suggested I should buy a Raspberry … Continue reading Booting a custom kernel/OS on the Raspberry Pi 3 B (64-bit)

TenFourFox FPR13b1 available (now with WebP and AppleScript)

(TenFourFox Development - 20.02.2019, 02:51) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 13 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). I took a different tack on this release because I still don't have good solutions for the missing JavaScript features currently affecting Citibank, Github and a few other sites, so I've chosen to push out some side projects I've been working on in order not to make this a wasted release. Those features are support for WebP images and support for AppleScript automation. WebP images are an up-and-coming format based on the WebM VP8 codec, another way Google will consume the Web from the inside out, but they do have image size advantages and Firefox now supports them in Firefox 65. Google has

Get Ready for OpenPOWER: A Technical Training Session with E&ICT Academy in India

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 15.02.2019, 14:52) By Ganesan Narayanasamy Professor R.B.V Subramaanyam, Ph.D., a computer science professor at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal India, recently organized a six-day faculty development program as part of the Electronics & ICT Academy. More than 40 faculty members and researchers in Southern India participated...

OpenPOWER Architecture Compliance Definition – Review Draft

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 14.02.2019, 22:07) This document represents the public review draft for the next version of the OpenPOWER Architecture Compliance Definition specification.  It consists mainly of markups identified and agreed upon by the Compliance Work Group.  Comments should be posted to the document mailing list at openpower-arch-comp-def@mailinglist.openpowerfoundation.org.   The...

So long, Opportunity rover

(TenFourFox Development - 14.02.2019, 02:38) It's time to say goodbye to another PowerPC in space, this time the Opportunity rover, also known as the Mars Exploration Rover B (or MER-1). Finally declared at end of mission today after 5,352 Mars solar days when NASA couldn't re-establish contact, it had been apparently knocked off-line by a dust storm and was unable to restart. Originally intended for a 90 Mars solar day mission, its mission became almost 60 times longer than anticipated and it traveled nearly 30 miles on the surface in total. Spirit, or MER-2, its sister unit, had previously reached end of mission in 2010. Both Opportunity and Spirit were powered by the 20MHz BAE RAD6000, a radiation-hardened version of the original IBM POWER1 RISC Single Chip CPU and the indirect ancestor of the PowerPC 601. Many PowerPC-based spacecra

Recommended Links Updated

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 02.02.2019, 21:34) Every now and then I like to check up on the links on my Recommended page to ensure that they are all still “live”. I am pleased to report that all links seem to be in good health. While I was there checking through the links, I took the opportunity to update the list with […]

The SyQuest EZ-135 and System 6

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 02.02.2019, 20:59) At this point in our series on the SyQuest EZ-135, we have looked at the history and market results of the product, have installed it onto a Mac OS 8.6 Power Macintosh 7500/366 and run performance benchmarks between the EZ-135 and its primary competitor of the day, the Iomega Zip-100. However, with all the work […]

XAMPP for PowerPC

(G5 Center - 02.02.2019, 04:20) If you are at all interested in hosting a simple (or complex) website or doing some experimentation from your older Mac, I do recommend grabbing the incredibly useful XAMPP to make the process a little easier. XAMPP is kind of a self-contained install of the Apache httpd server with PHP and CGI turned on, a MYSQL server, an FTP server, and some other tools and documentation. It's cool, because it comes with a little tiny app that lets you turn off the services as you see fit. You can run it when you want to try out different configurations or different websites. For Leopard, the basic Apache httpd server isn't that older than the last available XAMPP package for G5 machines. My base Leopard httpd server is 2.2.7 while the one included in the XAMPP package is 2.2.14. Still, that includes some bug fixes as well as newer versions of PHP and MySQL. If you are going to run old software, might as well run the last version of it you can find. Note: I do believe, using MacPort

Happy New Year - Broken Links

(G5 Center - 01.02.2019, 03:30) Happy New Year, fellow G5 fans! Sadly, as I look over this site, I admit that many links are now non-functional. The information here is generally still fine, but you will have to search around for working links to the apps I recommend. Some developers have likely removed older apps, even though it is handy for users of old PowerPC machines. There are some app alternative websites too, including at websites like PowerPC Software Archive. Open source apps are just a great resource in times like these, as they tend to have ready archives available for users trying to maintain ancient machines. So, hang tight. I'll be fixing links, removing some outdated software, and seeing what the future is for this website. -- Nathan

Deploying IBM PowerAI Enterprise on IBM Cloud Private on Power

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 30.01.2019, 21:22) IBM PowerAI Enterprise is a powerful platform that enables data scientists with ready-to-use Deep Learning frameworks, hyper-parameter search and optimization for feature engineering, resource utilization optimizations for model training, and several new and compelling features to accelerate the performance of the training job. You can deploy IBM PowerAI Enterprise platform on your on-premise data center […] The post Deploying IBM PowerAI Enterprise on IBM Cloud Private on Power appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Automatically Deploy IBM Cloud Private using POWER-Up

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 29.01.2019, 17:11) POWER-Up toolkit automates the deployment of baremetal OpenPOWER and x86 server clusters. It  automates the network setup by taking pre-existing configurations from a network switch and configures the nodes utilizing Ansible and Cobbler. POWER-Up supports Ubuntu, CentOS, and RHEL. POWER-Up also configures the client and network switch saving a user time configuring a new node. […] The post Automatically Deploy IBM Cloud Private using POWER-Up appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

TenFourFox FPR12 available

(TenFourFox Development - 26.01.2019, 08:19) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 12 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no additional changes except for one outstanding security update and to refresh the certificate and TLD stores. As usual it will go live Monday evening Pacific time assuming no difficulties. For "lucky" FPR13 I want to take a whack at solving issue 541, since my ability to work on Github from the G5 is seriously impaired at the moment (I have to resort to various workarounds or do tasks from the Talos II with regular Firefox). Since this has some substantial regression risk it will probably be the only JavaScript change I do for that release pending further feasibility tests on

Performance Results – SyQuest EZ-135 vs. Iomega Zip-100

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 19.01.2019, 17:27) In the last two posts on the topic of the SyQuest EZ-135 “super floppy”, we looked more closely into the product, compared it to the Zip-100, installed the software and hardware and got it fully functioning under Mac OS 8.6 on the Happy Mac Lab’s Power Macintosh 7500/366. Now, with our SyQuest EZ-135 installed, set […]

Moving AI from the Data Center to Edge or Fog Computing

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 17.01.2019, 18:19) Extending the AI possibilities beyond the Data Center The need for autonomous systems and systems that can augment human work is rapidly increasing in all industries that are driven by exciting, powerful edge or fog computing solutions. The availability of chipper sensors and a wide variety of types of information (video, sound, pressure, light, ultrasonic, […] The post Moving AI from the Data Center to Edge or Fog Computing appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Do things really end?

(viva PowerPC blog - 16.01.2019, 12:16) Two years ago, in my last post on this very blog, I said, that my brief PC journey ends and I'm back on PowerMac. How did it end up? Okay, I tell you the bad news right now: I'm publishing this from a Core i5 based HP EliteBook, which is at the moment my main computer. The G5 wasn't used to do anything useful at least for six months, in fact it's collecting dust in a shelf.  But don't stop reading here, let's  go back to January 2017 for an explanation... Back then I really moved back to PowerMac G5. I sold the HP desktop I had since December 2015, moved all data created on it to the G5 and simply started to use it daily as if I never left.As I mentioned in previous post, even before the move back to the G5, I replaced the failing Radeon 9800 (flashed PC version) with perfectly good Radeon 9650 (Mac version).  The 9800 served me well for over eight years, but one day it displayed only weird artiefacts on the screen and it was over.

TenFourFox FPR12b1 available

(TenFourFox Development - 14.01.2019, 05:33) TenFourFox Feature Parity 12 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). As before, this is a smaller-scope release with no new features, just fixes and improvements. The big changes are a fix for CVE-2018-12404, a holdover security fix from FPR11 that also helps improve JavaScript optimization, and Raphael's hand-coded assembly language AltiVec-accelerated string matching routines with special enhancements for G5 systems. These replace the C routines I wrote using AltiVec intrinsics, which will be removed from our hacked NSPR libc source code once his versions stick. Unfortunately, we continue to accumulate difficult-to-solve JavaScript bugs. The newest one is

How to port OpenBMC

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 07.01.2019, 09:18) This article describes how to port OpenBMC to a new machine, including changes to OpenBMC layers, the Linux kernel, and several related components such as hwmon sensor, LED, and inventory. It also includes information about how to modify the code in the local system to build OpenBMC with local changes without changing the recipe. Porting […] The post How to port OpenBMC appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Installing EZ-135 Software and Hardware

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 06.01.2019, 23:14) In the first post of this series on the SyQuest EZ-135 “super floppy”, I examined the backup problems presented by the rapidly growing capacities of hard drives in the mid 1990s, and charted the rise of the “super floppy” – drive and cartridge systems with capacities in the 100 MB range per cartridge, which dramatically […]

2018 in review

(System Folder - 31.12.2018, 21:16) 2018 was not a good year with regard to my passion for vintage Apple technology, and this blog has suffered for it. Not that I was updating it very frequently before, but this is the third post in a whole year! You’d be forgiven if you thought this place had been abandoned. True, I could … Continue reading 2018 in review →

Backing Up Your Mac With the SyQuest EZ-135

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 29.12.2018, 22:04) Browsing eBay one day I was surprised to happen upon a listing for a SyQuest EZ-135 drive/catridge system, featuring removable 135 MB disks and a rather chunky looking SCSI-interfaced external drive. At first blush, this seemed remarkably like the Zip-100/250 drive/catridge systems that I am so familiar with, and yet completely new – I had […]

Using Snap ML in DSXL environment

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 20.12.2018, 15:51) There are few steps that needs to be performed to use Snap ML in DSXL environment. These are outlined as follows: Go to the IBM DSXL web console. Login with your username and password. On the IBM DSXL homepage dashboard, click Add project. Once you click Add project, a new window named Create Project appears […] The post Using Snap ML in DSXL environment appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

PowerAI TensorFlow Large Model Support: Multi-GPU Competitive Comparison

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 19.12.2018, 03:35) What is Large Model Support? Deep Learning is a rapidly evolving field under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. This segment of AI has already demonstrated the capability to solve a variety of problems in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Video and Text Processing. Deep Learning neural networks consists of multiple hidden layers and the number […] The post PowerAI TensorFlow Large Model Support: Multi-GPU Competitive Comparison appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Performance of 3DUnet Multi GPU Model for Medical Image Segmentation using TensorFlow Large Model Support

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 19.12.2018, 03:34) Introduction Advancements in the field of Deep Learning are creating use cases that require larger Deep Learning models and large datasets. One such use case is the MRI image segmentation to identify brain tumors. Training such models increases the memory requirements in the GPU. However, the GPUs are limited in their memory capacities. The latest […] The post Performance of 3DUnet Multi GPU Model for Medical Image Segmentation using TensorFlow Large Model Support appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox.

(The Cat Fox Life - 13.12.2018, 18:00) H.264: VP8/VP9: I additionally shot a short 4 second video clip of the Talos in action. I’ve filed a bug with Mozilla to upstream this work. If you do have a bmo account, consider Voting for this issue. (Don’t spam the bug tracker with +1 comments; it won’t help.) Please also consider supporting my progress … Continue reading YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox.

Wednesday: Photos around Tulsa

(The Cat Fox Life - 13.12.2018, 06:30) No tech today. Haven’t been out on the open road for far too long. I took a few nice photos in the passenger seat as we were heading westward. (It was far too dark to take any photos when we went back east.)

TenFourFox FPR11 available

(TenFourFox Development - 10.12.2018, 02:21) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 11 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). Issue 525 has stuck, so that's being shipped and we'll watch for site or add-on compatibility fallout (though if you're reporting a site or add-on that doesn't work with FPR11, or for that matter any release, please verify that it still worked with prior versions: particularly for websites, it's more likely the site changed than we did). There are no other changes other than bringing security fixes up to date. Assuming no problems, it will go live tomorrow evening as usual. FPR12 will be a smaller-scope release but there will still be some minor performance improvements and bugfixes, and with any luck we will also b

A day in the life of a PowerPC user

(The Cat Fox Life - 26.11.2018, 04:58) By extremely popular request, I’m going to blog my entire computing experience from yesterday (Saturday, the 24th of November, 2018). All of the events written here are real, and actually happened yesterday on my Talos II running Adélie Linux. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. When I walk in to my office, … Continue reading A day in the life of a PowerPC user