IBM Power System LC922

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 21.01.2019, 17:07) The cognitive era is driving Linux® workloads that require superior data throughput and storage capacity needed to meet the challenges of the AI era. IBM® Power Systems™ LC922 is purpose built to meet those requirements with a storage-rich server design that delivers industry-leading compute to analyze and explore data with… Read more The post IBM Power System LC922 appeared first on OpenPOWER.

IBM Power System LC921

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 21.01.2019, 17:02) The cognitive era is driving Linux workloads that require superior data throughput and density to meet the challenges of the AI era. IBM Power Systems LC921 is purpose built to meet those requirements with POWER9™ advanced IO architecture, including PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 to help companies gain new business insights… Read more The post IBM Power System LC921 appeared first on OpenPOWER.

IBM Power System S821LC

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 21.01.2019, 16:45) IBM Power Systems S821LC brings open innovation and high-density computing to the Linux server market. It offers superior virtualization and incorporates POWER8 processors, accelerators, and faster I/O using Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) technology. The server optimizes processing power, offers increased workload throughput and reduces datacenter floor space requirements. With… Read more The post IBM Power System S821LC appeared first on OpenPOWER.

Performance Results – SyQuest EZ-135 vs. Iomega Zip-100

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 19.01.2019, 17:27) In the last two posts on the topic of the SyQuest EZ-135 “super floppy”, we looked more closely into the product, compared it to the Zip-100, installed the software and hardware and got it fully functioning under Mac OS 8.6 on the Happy Mac Lab’s Power Macintosh 7500/366. Now, with our SyQuest EZ-135 installed, set […]

Join OpenPOWER Foundation at

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 18.01.2019, 22:36) By Hugh Blemings, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation In a few hours I’ll board a flight to beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand, the home next week of this year’s I’m fortunate enough to have attended every LCA as well as spoken at a few and it remains, in my view, one… Read more The post Join OpenPOWER Foundation at appeared first on OpenPOWER.

IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 18.01.2019, 21:23) The IBM Power S822LC for Big Data provides industry-leading performance, data throughput and virtualization with a flexible design to meet broad workload requirements. With the ability to meet diverse needs, the server is built on open standards and incorporates accelerators. This 2-socket, 2U POWER8 system was developed from OpenPOWER system… Read more The post IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data appeared first on OpenPOWER.

OpenCAPI Power Platform Architecture

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 18.01.2019, 15:19) The OpenCAPI Power Platform Architecture (OPPA) defines an accelerator interface structure for coherently attaching accelerators to the IBM Power Systems™ using an OpenCAPI Physical Link. The intent is to allow implementation of a wide range of accelerators to optimally address many different market segments. The target audience is firmware and… Read more The post OpenCAPI Power Platform Architecture appeared first on OpenPOWER.

IBM and Sheeltron Digital Systems Showcase AI Solutions at HiPC 2018

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 17.01.2019, 18:29) By Ranganath V., Vice President, Sheeltron Digital Systems Private Limited   HiPC 2018 – the 25th edition of the IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data and Analytics – was held in December, 2018 in India. The conference served as a forum for researchers from around the world to… Read more The post IBM and Sheeltron Digital Systems Showcase AI Solutions at HiPC 2018 appeared first on OpenPOWER.

Moving AI from the Data Center to Edge or Fog Computing

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 17.01.2019, 18:19) Extending the AI possibilities beyond the Data Center The need for autonomous systems and systems that can augment human work is rapidly increasing in all industries that are driven by exciting, powerful edge or fog computing solutions. The availability of chipper sensors and a wide variety of types of information (video, sound, pressure, light, ultrasonic, […] The post Moving AI from the Data Center to Edge or Fog Computing appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Do things really end?

(viva PowerPC blog - 16.01.2019, 12:16) Two years ago, in my last post on this very blog, I said, that my brief PC journey ends and I'm back on PowerMac. How did it end up? Okay, I tell you the bad news right now: I'm publishing this from a Core i5 based HP EliteBook, which is at the moment my main computer. The G5 wasn't used to do anything useful at least for six months, in fact it's collecting dust in a shelf.  But don't stop reading here, let's  go back to January 2017 for an explanation... Back then I really moved back to PowerMac G5. I sold the HP desktop I had since December 2015, moved all data created on it to the G5 and simply started to use it daily as if I never left.As I mentioned in previous post, even before the move back to the G5, I replaced the failing Radeon 9800 (flashed PC version) with perfectly good Radeon 9650 (Mac version).  The 9800 served me well for over eight years, but one day it displayed only weird artiefacts on the screen and it was over.

TenFourFox FPR12b1 available

(TenFourFox Development - 14.01.2019, 05:33) TenFourFox Feature Parity 12 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). As before, this is a smaller-scope release with no new features, just fixes and improvements. The big changes are a fix for CVE-2018-12404, a holdover security fix from FPR11 that also helps improve JavaScript optimization, and Raphael's hand-coded assembly language AltiVec-accelerated string matching routines with special enhancements for G5 systems. These replace the C routines I wrote using AltiVec intrinsics, which will be removed from our hacked NSPR libc source code once his versions stick. Unfortunately, we continue to accumulate difficult-to-solve JavaScript bugs. The newest one is

IBM's POWER9 retrospective is a little one-sided

(Talospace - 13.01.2019, 23:55) I'm not going to fault IBM taking a victory lap with the POWER9 in their one-year anniversary retrospective. It's a kick-ass processor; that's why I'm typing this on one. I'm not even going to fault them for biasing it towards their own server products, because that's what IBM sells and they're a business and they want to sell their own stuff. And IBM maintaining financial health gives them the R&D capacity to make the POWER10 even more awesome, so bring on the salesdroids. But while Google got a shout-out with their bespoke POWER9 Zaius server platform, now in production, IBM seems to have forgotten that Power ISA is making a triumphant return to the desktop in a form that's gotten at least as much press as Zaius/Barreleye, probably sold more units, and is actually in the hands of real end users who are using it as thei

How to port OpenBMC

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 07.01.2019, 09:18) This article describes how to port OpenBMC to a new machine, including changes to OpenBMC layers, the Linux kernel, and several related components such as hwmon sensor, LED, and inventory. It also includes information about how to modify the code in the local system to build OpenBMC with local changes without changing the recipe. Porting […] The post How to port OpenBMC appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Installing EZ-135 Software and Hardware

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 06.01.2019, 23:14) In the first post of this series on the SyQuest EZ-135 “super floppy”, I examined the backup problems presented by the rapidly growing capacities of hard drives in the mid 1990s, and charted the rise of the “super floppy” – drive and cartridge systems with capacities in the 100 MB range per cartridge, which dramatically […]

Void Linux goes POWER9

(Talospace - 06.01.2019, 09:07) A nice commit landed in Void Linux: 64-bit Power ISA support including big and little endian. Although you'll have to build it yourself and it looks like more work is needed for other packages, eventually the resulting binaries should boot on any Talos II system and the musl support is welcome for those who prefer to avoid issues with non-64-bit long double. Related is work to get old-school 32-bit PowerPC working, so your beloved Power Mac can play too.

2018 in review

(System Folder - 31.12.2018, 21:16) 2018 was not a good year with regard to my passion for vintage Apple technology, and this blog has suffered for it. Not that I was updating it very frequently before, but this is the third post in a whole year! You’d be forgiven if you thought this place had been abandoned. True, I could […]

Backing Up Your Mac With the SyQuest EZ-135

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 29.12.2018, 22:04) Browsing eBay one day I was surprised to happen upon a listing for a SyQuest EZ-135 drive/catridge system, featuring removable 135 MB disks and a rather chunky looking SCSI-interfaced external drive. At first blush, this seemed remarkably like the Zip-100/250 drive/catridge systems that I am so familiar with, and yet completely new – I had […]

Who got Talos II order #1?

(Talospace - 25.12.2018, 13:18) It wasn't me at Floodgap, though ours is an early machine (my unit on the right is serial #12, from order #8). Turns out it was Trevor Dickinson. If the name sounds familiar to some folks in the audience, that's because Trevor is perhaps best known for his work in the Amiga scene. I'd been watching his PowerPC-based AmigaOne series for awhile to see if they were decent successors to the Quad G5 I used prior to getting the Talos II, though neithe

IBM chooses Samsung for POWER10

(Talospace - 23.12.2018, 07:27) It's official: Samsung will manufacture the upcoming POWER10 on their 7nm EUV process thanks to an expansion of IBM and Samsung's 15-year R&D partnership. The next z microprocessors, which have some low-level microarchitectural similarities to the Power line, will also be produced on 7nm EUV. There are still relatively few details available about either CPU; POWER10 is still scheduled for around 2020-1. This doesn't change plans for the upcoming final revision of POWER9 in 2019. More details should be forthcoming as that release date approaches.

The saga of the Power ISA 128-bit long double

(Talospace - 23.12.2018, 01:46) Our last post on MAME's failure to build on Power yielded some interesting information in the comments which, in my copious spare time, seemed worth researching further. But first a technical digression. 128-bit long double is currently implemented in gcc for Power ISA and PowerPC using "IBM extended doubles." This datatype is actually two 64-bit doubles paired together rather than a single 128-bit value, and specially handled in software. Because this is really a pair of 64-bit floats with altered handling, although it does improve precision (two 52-bit fractions, plus signs), it does not extend the range (as this NumPy bug demonstrates). In this scheme the effective exponent is still 11 bits, and the value thus yielded is not the same as the IEEE 754R 128-bit

Using Snap ML in DSXL environment

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 20.12.2018, 15:51) There are few steps that needs to be performed to use Snap ML in DSXL environment. These are outlined as follows: Go to the IBM DSXL web console. Login with your username and password. On the IBM DSXL homepage dashboard, click Add project. Once you click Add project, a new window named Create Project appears […] The post Using Snap ML in DSXL environment appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

No love for PowerPC from MAME

(Talospace - 20.12.2018, 14:48) MAME, the famous multi-system emulator, has been broken on Power ISA since around 0.194 due to a long-standing gcc bug with 128-bit long double. This bug hasn't been paid attention to in 12 years, and is rather beyond my personal ken to take a whack at as well. Near as I can determine, the issue affects every Power ISA platform with such a datatype including 32-bit, 64

PowerAI TensorFlow Large Model Support: Multi-GPU Competitive Comparison

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 19.12.2018, 03:35) What is Large Model Support? Deep Learning is a rapidly evolving field under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. This segment of AI has already demonstrated the capability to solve a variety of problems in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Video and Text Processing. Deep Learning neural networks consists of multiple hidden layers and the number […] The post PowerAI TensorFlow Large Model Support: Multi-GPU Competitive Comparison appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Performance of 3DUnet Multi GPU Model for Medical Image Segmentation using TensorFlow Large Model Support

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 19.12.2018, 03:34) Introduction Advancements in the field of Deep Learning are creating use cases that require larger Deep Learning models and large datasets. One such use case is the MRI image segmentation to identify brain tumors. Training such models increases the memory requirements in the GPU. However, the GPUs are limited in their memory capacities. The latest […] The post Performance of 3DUnet Multi GPU Model for Medical Image Segmentation using TensorFlow Large Model Support appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Targeting GPUs using OpenMP Directives on Summit with GenASiS

(OpenPOWER Foundation - 18.12.2018, 19:18) By Ganesan Narayanasamy, senior technical computing solution and client care manager, IBM In the lead up to SC18 we held the 3rd OpenPOWER Academic Discussion Group Workshop. It was a perfect opportunity for members of academia working in supercomputing to share recent successes they have had developing on OpenPOWER platforms.… Read more The post Targeting GPUs using OpenMP Directives on Summit with GenASiS appeared first on OpenPOWER.

YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox.

(The Cat Fox Life - 13.12.2018, 18:00) H.264: VP8/VP9: I additionally shot a short 4 second video clip of the Talos in action. I’ve filed a bug with Mozilla to upstream this work. If you do have a bmo account, consider Voting for this issue. (Don’t spam the bug tracker with +1 comments; it won’t help.) Please also consider supporting my progress… Continue reading YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox. →

The POWER continues in Firefox 64

(Talospace - 13.12.2018, 07:51) If you are able to build Firefox 63, you should be able to build Firefox 64 without anything additional. Meanwhile, a whole mess of fixes for long-standing issues have landed for Firefox 65 and later, but more about that in a future post.

Wednesday: Photos around Tulsa

(The Cat Fox Life - 13.12.2018, 06:30) No tech today. Haven’t been out on the open road for far too long. I took a few nice photos in the passenger seat as we were heading westward. (It was far too dark to take any photos when we went back east.)

FreeBSD 12.0 released

(Talospace - 12.12.2018, 18:09) FreeBSD 12.0 is released, the latest version of the venerable BSD-derived operating system, with updates to crypto, TRIM support and Clang among other features and improvements. ISO images and downloadable archives are available for ppc64, but this support does not seem to include POWER9 (yet). One of our occasional readers is on this team and perhaps could give an update? Note that Power support in FreeBSD is big-endian; no word on whether ppc64le will be supported as well.

TenFourFox FPR11 available

(TenFourFox Development - 10.12.2018, 02:21) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 11 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). Issue 525 has stuck, so that's being shipped and we'll watch for site or add-on compatibility fallout (though if you're reporting a site or add-on that doesn't work with FPR11, or for that matter any release, please verify that it still worked with prior versions: particularly for websites, it's more likely the site changed than we did). There are no other changes other than bringing security fixes up to date. Assuming no problems, it will go live tomorrow evening as usual. FPR12 will be a smaller-scope release but there will still be some minor performance improvements and bugfixes, and with any luck we will also b

Edge gets Chrome-plated, and we're all worse off

(TenFourFox Development - 04.12.2018, 04:41) I used to think that WebKit would eat the world, but later on I realized it was Blink. In retrospect this should have been obvious when the mobile version of Microsoft Edge was announced to use Chromium (and not Microsoft's own rendering engine EdgeHTML), but now rumour has it that Edge on its own home turf -- Windows 10 -- will be Chromium too. Microsoft engineers have already been spotted committing to the Chromium codebase, apparently for the ARM version. No word on whether this next browser, codenamed Anaheim, will still be called Edge

Running SnapML applications with IBM PowerAI Enterprise 1.1.2

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 02.12.2018, 19:37) Working with Snap ML in PowerAI Enterprise 1.1.2 Spectrum Conductor in PowerAI Enterprise 1.1.2 provides capability to setup Spark cluster automatically. To execute an application using snap-ml-spark APIs in Spectrum Conductor environment in IBM PowerAI Enterprise, either run snap-ml-spark application through spark-submit in PowerAI Enterprise OR enable snap-ml-spark APIs inside Jupyter Notebooks in PowerAI Enterprise […] The post Running SnapML applications with IBM PowerAI Enterprise 1.1.2 appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Something for the weekend: Classic MacOS Lua

(TenFourFox Development - 01.12.2018, 00:50) First, a TenFourFox FPR11 update: the release is delayed until December 10-ish to coincide with the updated release date of Firefox 66/60.4 ESR. Unfortunately due to my absence over the holidays this leaves very little development time for FPR12 in December, so the beta is not likely to emerge until mid-January. Issue 533 ("this is undefined") is still my biggest priority because of the large number of sites still using the tainted version of Uglify-ES, but I still have no solution figured out yet, and the 15-minutes-or-longer build time to reconstruct test changes in JavaScript if I touch any headers seriously slows debugging. If you've had issues with making new shipments in United Parcel Service's on-line shipping application, or getting into your Citibank account, this is that bug. So in the meantime, since we're all classic Mac users here, try out MacLua, a new port

A day in the life of a PowerPC user

(The Cat Fox Life - 26.11.2018, 04:58) By extremely popular request, I’m going to blog my entire computing experience from yesterday (Saturday, the 24th of November, 2018). All of the events written here are real, and actually happened yesterday on my Talos II running Adélie Linux. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. When I walk in to my office,… Continue reading A day in the life of a PowerPC user →

Adding External Mass Storage to Your System 6 Mac

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 25.11.2018, 19:25) In this final and long overdue post on System 6, we will look at adding external mass storage to your System 6 Mac, typically a crucial element in loading application software onto it. After all, you won’t get far with 800K floppies! There are several types of mass storage you could choose to add: external […]

AI solutions in Energies and Utilities with IBM PowerAI Vision

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 24.11.2018, 03:55) Challenges in Energies and Utilities Transmission towers and substations form core infrastructure elements that ensure efficient supply of power across the country. Power lines span several thousands of miles, delivering energy to several substations before reaching to their consumers. A typical transmission tower has a variety of components like conducting wires, insulators, bird guards, marker […] The post AI solutions in Energies and Utilities with IBM PowerAI Vision appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

Happy Workaholic Day!

(The Cat Fox Life - 23.11.2018, 06:37) I’ve never been a big fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, because I feel that American culture already emphasises consumerism and unhealthy obsessions with work enough. However, I rarely say anything, because what are you going to do with big-box retailers? They want some of that Black Friday money, and they typically don’t… Continue reading Happy Workaholic Day! →

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

(The Cat Fox Life - 22.11.2018, 07:59) …and the main Adélie Linux Web serving box went down, in a strange way. Network access to all the KVM VMs running on our primary dedicated server suddenly dropped, and new connections were refused. Connecting to the host via BMC, I was greeted with possibly the oddest machine identification I’ve ever seen: Adélie Linux 4.14.76-mc11-easy-p8/ppc64… Continue reading ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving… →

Spotted owls and OpenPower

(Linux on Power Developer Portal - 21.11.2018, 17:07) The U.S. Forest Service and Oregon State University’s department of Fisheries and Wildlife has monitored northern spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest since the early 1990s under the Northwest Forest Plan. Historically, monitoring has involved broadcasting recorded owl calls in the hope of eliciting a response from real owls. However, as spotted owl populations have […] The post Spotted owls and OpenPower appeared first on Linux on Power Developer Portal.

The Reports of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 18.11.2018, 20:51) Alright, Mark Twain said it first, and he definitely said it best, but my last post concerning the demise of my long serving Power Mac G5 Quad may just have been somewhat exaggerated. As promised, I gingerly moved the machine to a safe location, with a lot of cardboard underneath it, and opened it up, […]

And now for something completely different: SCSI2SD is not a panacea

(TenFourFox Development - 15.11.2018, 22:51) When well-meaning but underinformed folks hear you keep old Macs alive, without fail they tell you to replace the capacitors, and install a SCSI2SD. The first bit of "advice" drives me up the wall because while it's true for many Macs, it's now uttered in almost a knee-jerk fashion anywhere almost any vintage computer is mentioned (this kind of mindlessness infests pinball machine restoration as well). To be sure, in my experience 68030-based Macs and some of the surrounding years will almost invariably need a recap. All of my Color Classics, IIcis, IIsis and SE/30s eventually suffered capacitor failures and had to be refurbished, and if you have one of these machines that has not been recapped yet it's only a matter of time. But this is probably not true for many other systems. Many capacitors have finite lifetimes but good quality components can function for rather long peri

A Casualty on the Front Lines

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 15.11.2018, 21:42) No, this isn’t a misplaced war correspondent piece! The title refers to my much loved and long serving Power Mac G5 Quad, which until this week has been on the front lines of the internet as the server for the Happy Macs Gopher site. Regrettably I went into the lab mid this week to find […]

ICYMI: what's new on Talospace

(TenFourFox Development - 12.11.2018, 01:02) In the shameless plug category, in case you missed them, two original articles on Talospace, our sister blog: making your Talos II into an IBM pSeries (yes, you can run AIX on a Talos II with Linux KVM), and roadgeeking with the Talos II (because the haters gotta hate and say POWER9 isn't desktop ready, which is just FUD FUD FUD).

Happy 8th birthday to us

(TenFourFox Development - 09.11.2018, 01:15) TenFourFox is eight years old! And nearly as mature!

Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness

(The Cat Fox Life - 03.11.2018, 22:23) I am having to correct, with alarming regularity, confusion regarding the endianness of modern PowerPC and POWER chips.  This article is going to answer a lot of those questions, with facts and citations. What endianness are modern PowerPC / POWER CPUs, including POWER9? Fact: All POWER Architecture processors, with the exception of the POWER4 and… Continue reading Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness →

TenFourFox FPR11b1 available

(TenFourFox Development - 03.11.2018, 05:59) TenFourFox Feature Parity 11 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). As mentioned, FPR11 and FPR12 will be smaller in scope due to less low-hanging fruit to work on and other competing projects such as the POWER9 JIT, but there are still new features and improvements. The most notable one is my second attempt to get unique origin for data: URIs to stick (issue 525). This ran aground in FPR10 and had to be turned off because of compatibility issues with the Firefox 45 version of uBlock Origin, which would be too major an add-on for me to ignore breaking. FPR11 now has a shim in it to allow the old behaviour for data URL access initiated by the internal system principal (including add-ons) but

Status update for Firefox on PowerPC / big endian

(The Cat Fox Life - 01.11.2018, 04:54) (This post is probably not interesting to non-technical observers.  Rest assured, I’m still working quite hard on porting Firefox to PowerPC when I have the chance.) I’ve just pulled the latest Firefox code (from mozilla-central) and have fully rebuilt Firefox with the latest code. First, the good news: JS-API tests are still 100% passing.  XPC… Continue reading Status update for Firefox on PowerPC / big endian →

Saturday: Mozilla and Bixby

(The Cat Fox Life - 21.10.2018, 04:12) This morning, I tried more ideas for fixing the remaining endianness bugs in Mozilla’s graphics engine.  I found a few more leads but so far no progress on cracking the image decoding issue. It was a beautiful day out and my allergies are waning since it’s finally autumn, so we took my gran out and… Continue reading Saturday: Mozilla and Bixby →