TenFourFox FPR9b2 available

(TenFourFox Development - 13.08.2018, 02:19) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 9 beta 2 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). This version tightens up the geometry on the date/time pickers a little, adds some more hosts to basic adblock, fixes a rare but easily wallpapered crash bug and further tunes up hash tables using a small patch from Firefox 63 (!). I am looking at a new JavaScript issue which does not appear to be a regression, but I'd like to fix it anyway since it may affect other sites. However, I'm not sure if this is going to make FPR9 final, which is still scheduled on or about September 4 due to the American Labor Day holiday on the usual Monday. The WiFi fix in beta 1 was actually to improve HTML5 geolocation accuracy, and Chris T has confirmed that it does, so that's been updated in the release notes. Don't worry, you are always asked before your location is sent to a site. On the Talos II side, I've written an enhancement to KVMPPC allowing it to actually monkeypatch Mac OS X with an optimized bcopy in the commpage. By av

TenFourFox FPR9b1 available

(TenFourFox Development - 30.07.2018, 06:14) Before we begin: if you haven't seen it, check out the newly updated and refurbished TenFourFox FAQ, and consider this sobering thought on the state of web monitoring advertising. Also, for those of you who may be unaware, long-time Mozillian Gervase Markham passed away, surrounded by his family. He was ever a professional to the end. I didn't know him as well as some, but I'll always remember him, not least of which for his unwavering faith in the face of adversity and leaving us far too soon. Go with God. TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 9 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are several new features and many bug fixes in this version. FPR9 is also the first TenFourFox release to pull from the new extended support release, Firefox 60ESR, and we have updated the extended validation certificate roots and our certs'n'pins import script to pull from that source instead of the shortly-to-be-decommissioned 52ESR. All relevant security and stability patches on 60ESR so far have also

NetSpectre: not much of a PowerPC threat either

(TenFourFox Development - 27.07.2018, 08:08) In the continuing death march of Spectre side-channel variants for stealing data, all of the known attacks thus far have relied upon code running locally on the computer (so don't run sketchy programs, which have much better ways of pwning your Power Mac than slow and only occasionally successful data leaks). As you'll recall, it is possible for Spectre to succeed on the G5 and 7450 G4e, but not on the G3 and 7400. The next generation is making Spectre go remote, and while long hypothesized it was never demonstrated until the newest, uh, "advance" called NetSpectre (PDF). The current iteration comes in two forms. The first and more conventional version is like Spectre in that it relies on CPU cache timing. A victim application would have to have something called a "leak gadget," similar to the one in Spectre where network-facing code processes some network packet with a condition that's usually true and sets a flag based on a data bit of interest in memory. The processor, after enough training by the attacker

Debian PPC Status Update

(PowerPC Liberation - 18.07.2018, 04:44) Earlier this month, the migration of the Debian PPC port from Debian's main archive to the Debian ports archive was completed. The DSAs' shut down of the powerpc buildds on the main archive was a result of the PPC port no longer being a release architecture. With this change, also comes the need to update one's sources.list file. Also keep in mind that if you want to continue running Debian on

OverbiteNX is now available from Mozilla Add-Ons for beta testing

(TenFourFox Development - 12.07.2018, 17:15) OverbiteNX, a successor to OverbiteFF which allows Firefox to continue to access legacy resources in Gopher in the brave courageous new world of WebExtensions, is now in public beta. Unlike the alpha test, which required you to download the repo and install the extension using add-on debugging, OverbiteNX is now hosted on Mozilla Add-Ons. Because WebExtensions still doesn't have a TCP sockets API, nor a spec, OverbiteNX uses its bespoke Onyx native component to do network operations. Onyx is written in open-source portable C with no dependencies and is available in pre-built binaries for macOS 10.12+ and Windows (or get the repo and build it yourself on almost any POSIX system). To try OverbiteNX, install Onyx from the links above, and then install the extension from Mozilla Add-ons. If you use(d) OverbiteWX, which is the proxy-based strict WebExtensions add-on, please disable it as it may conflict. Copious debugging output is emitted to the browser console for this test version. If you file an issue (or bett

Pro tip: sleep's good for your Power Mac

(TenFourFox Development - 10.07.2018, 00:06) Now that I'm alternating between two daily drivers (my Quad G5 and my Talos II), the Quad G5 sleeps fairly reliably with the Sonnet USB-FireWire combo card out once I move the KVM focus off it. If I don't do that, the KVM detects the G5 has slept and moves the focus automatically away from it, which the G5 detects as USB activity, and exits sleep. The solution is a little AppleScript that waits a few seconds for me to switch the KVM and then tells the Finder to snooze. The Talos II doesn't sleep yet but I'll be interested to see if later firmware updates support that. But sleeping the G5 has unquestionably been a good thing. Not only does it prolong its life by reducing heat (another plus in summer) as well as saving a substantial amount of energy (around 20W sleeping versus 200-250W running), but sleeping also can speed up TenFourFox. If you have lots of tabs open and those tabs are refreshing their data or otherwise running active content, then this contributes to a greater need for garbage collection and t

Ars Technica takes another trip to the past

(System Folder - 06.07.2018, 20:53) After Andrew Cunningham’s experiment in 2014 with a PowerBook G4 running Mac OS 9.2.2, another tech writer from Ars Technica goes vintage, with an even older, but more fascinating setup: a Macintosh IIsi (introduced in late 1990), running System 7.5.5, and connected to a Macintosh Portrait Display (similar vintage). Back then, I wasn’t particularly satisfied […]

Another one bites the Rust

(TenFourFox Development - 05.07.2018, 15:08) And another one gone, and another one gone (capitalization sic): As Herwig Bauernfeind from Bitwise Works made clear in his presentation he gave at Warpstock 2018 Toronto, Firefox for OS/2 is on its way out for OS/2 after version 52 ESR. The primary reason is because Firefox is switching to RUST. Rust is a general purpose programming language sponsored by Mozilla Research. It is unlikely that RUST will ever be ported to OS/2. Rust was the primary reason we dropped source parity for TenFourFox also (though there were plenty of other reasons such as changes to the graphics stack, the hard requirement for Skia, Electrolysis and changes to ICU; all of this could have been worked around, but with substantial difficulty, and likely with severe compromises). Now that Firefox 52ESR, the last ESR to not require Rust support, is on its last legs, this marks the final end of "Warpzilla" and Firefox on OS/2. SPARC (and apparently Solaris in general) doesn't have rustc or cargo support either, so this is likely the end of

Ad-blocker-blockers hit a new low. What's the solution?

(TenFourFox Development - 29.06.2018, 19:38) It may be the wrong day to slam the local newspapers, but this was what greeted me trying to click through to a linked newspaper article this morning on Firefox Android. The link I was sent was from the Riverside Press-Enterprise, but this appears to be throughout the entire network of the P-E's owners, the Southern California News Group (which includes the Orange County Register, San Bernardino Sun and Los Angeles Daily News): That's obnoxious. SCNG is particularly notorious for not being very selective about ads and they tend to be colossally heavy and sometimes invasive; there's no way on this periodically green earth that I'm turning the adblocker off. I click "no thanks." The popover disappears, but what it was covering was this: That's not me greeking the article so you can't see what article I was reading. The ad-blocker-blocker did it so that a clever user or add-on can't just set the ad-blocker-blocker's popover to display:none or something. The article is now incomprehensible text. My first reacti

TenFourFox FPR8 available

(TenFourFox Development - 23.06.2018, 06:30) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 8 final is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no changes from the beta except for outstanding security patches. As usual, it will go live Monday night, assuming no changes.

Lame MP3 encoder for Mac PowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 02.06.2018, 02:56) We mentioned here about how great Audacity is, but we can’t forget to mention that you may need this encoder to convert your projects into MP3. Lame MP3 Encoder 3.100 > Download here > http://lame.sourceforge.net/   Thank you 😀

Quadra 610 Update: Death Chimes

(G5 Center - 31.05.2018, 21:21) This is a short sad post. After the work on the Quadra 610, getting the SCSI2SD card working, and doing a little cleanup, I made a mistake. I left the 610 running by accident over night, sitting at the "It Is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Mac" screen. In the morning, when I went to reboot it, death chimes. I put the Quadra away for now, but it's not looking good. I'll see if some time off revives it, but I am a sad Mac restorer. It's probably motherboard related since I have taken everything off of the motherboard just to see. I'll loop you in if the status changes. -- Nathan

The Quadra 610 Lives

(G5 Center - 15.05.2018, 15:04) Good news - the Quadra 610 lives. And boots. There are still some issues to work through, which I will get to eventually, but my blood, sweat, and broken pieces of plastic might be worth it. Here are a few of my learnings: The case plastic is brittle. I thought I had both a dead cdrom and floppy drive, but after some stubborn attempts, I got the machine to boot off of a Disk Tools floppy. Turns out I needed a working floppy disk that wasn't older than my kids. Apparently, the cdrom drive is dead. After a successful boot, I was happy to see the Quadra has 40MB of RAM. I invested in a SCSI2SD (version 5b) during a sale on eBay. While it was a little tricky to get setup, don't overthink it. Make sure you set the SCSI ID correct, a maximum of 2GB partitions, and don't try to DD an image onto a partition unless you know exactly what you are doing. The Quadra was not booting at all for a while when I plugged in the SCSI interface in, because I had tried to put a Mac OS 7.6.1 cdrom on the first partition i

Back with a surprise

(PowerPC Liberation - 14.05.2018, 07:15) Hello everyone. I hope you have all been well. My apologies for falling off of the face of the earth. It is wild how time flies by. Enough about that though, it is time for the surprise. There will be more details and plans shortly. It has already been quirky but hey, it is a G5 after all. It is good to be back.

Blast from the Past > Anniversary of PowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 12.05.2018, 20:24) It’s still strange to me that this small blog is actually celebrating 7 years of anniversary.  The original idea was only to post a couple of posts/apps that worked on the PowerPC, but we kept finding more and more out … Continue reading →

FinderPop for MacPowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 30.04.2018, 20:04) FinderPop 2.5.7 Right in the middle of 2018, I’m doing my standard search for PowerPC apps and found FinderPop which has brought a whole new life to my “pretty” and “powerful” 15 year old Mac computer. FinderPop is a simple, … Continue reading →

Screenium update > 2.1.8

(Mac PowerPC - 25.04.2018, 19:58) Quick note > Great news, after re-checking we found out > Screenium 2.1.8 also works on PowerPC 10.5 😀   Thank you.    

Screenium for Mac PowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 23.04.2018, 22:31) This week, I found a fantastic app that runs and works great on PowerPC – Leopard! Screenium 1.5 or 2.1.8 is software that allows the user to record what’s happening on the screen. Super convenient if you’re someone with a … Continue reading →

Networking Your System 6 Mac

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 01.04.2018, 23:02) At this point in our series of posts about System 6, we have explored why you might be interested in System 6, what sorts of Macintosh units you might want to purchase to support that interest, and what minimum “starter kit” of software you might need to get you started in this new environment. Now […]

Audacity for MacPowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 23.03.2018, 21:06) Sometimes we have these apps that are a must to have installed and we always forget to mention them because we assume everybody already knows about them… I realized that Audacity is one of these fantastic apps…so I am going … Continue reading →

iScroll2 + Scroll Reverser for MacPowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 17.03.2018, 03:35) I found these great apps that it may help someone out there having the same issue that I was couple of weeks ago. Some of my browsers were really out of date and I found out that TenFourFox seems to … Continue reading →

PPC Media Center Battles TLS Apocalypse

(PPC Luddite - 09.03.2018, 08:32) You may have read about the "TLS Apocalypse" hitting PowerPC Macs as a web browser/TenFourFox complication, but another thing it affects is youtube-dl, PPC Media Center's backend. You can no longer update youtube-dl with Tiger's old OpenSSL version (hence PPC Media Center's auto-update fails as well), so you have to manually download youtube-dl's binary from their website and move it to /usr/local/bin. That is until PPCMC's Adam Albrec recently released an updater app to do it all for you.Called PPCMC Updater (download page here), it updates youtube-dl in the background and can also tie into iCal and have it call for an update check every couple of weeks. It also has a rollback feature in case you download a new version that's completely broken and you need to recover the old one. The app is actually a TenFourFoxBox, so it requires TenFourFox on your system.Also, Adam is attempting to compile a new version of OpenSSL that actually works and can save us from the ultimate apocalypse when the Youtubes and Vi

Happy Macs Lab, Gopher Server Are on the Move

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 24.02.2018, 23:51) The Happy Macs Lab and the Happy Macs Gopher site are on the move! I am moving to a new location for work and am now “between homes”. For the next few months, I am living in temporary housing while our new home is being completed, and that means that both the Happy Macs Lab […]

iNotePad 2.4.2 for Mac PowerPC

(Mac PowerPC - 24.02.2018, 04:59) Let’s start with a very good small app that it will help to keep your day organized.  Notepads it is. This is a very powerfull note app to keep your reminds, notes and full size texts. It does have great … Continue reading →

Great apps still available for PowerPC Macs (Part 4)

(System Folder - 21.02.2018, 21:37) Links and information — the February 2018 update According to WordPress’ analytics, my little Great apps still available for PowerPC Macs series of articles is one of the most viewed here on System Folder. I have realised, however, that some of the links and information provided in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are […]

To Rehab or Not: Quadra 610

(G5 Center - 07.02.2018, 22:07) Several months back, I, in a fit of poor decision making, bid a low offer on an old Quadra 610 on eBay. I regretted it, but I didn't think I was going to win the machine. And guess what? I won the auction. The Quadra 610 arrived in decent shape in a big box at my doorstep. Since then, I have tried to get it working. The good news - it does boot up and shows the question mark folder sign. There is a purplish tint to the screen, which I believe is a sign of an aging motherboard. Unfortunately, nothing else works - floppy drive spits out any disk I put in, and after scrounging up an old CD tray, the drive churns to meaningless purpose. What do I do? Like any of these old Macs, the case has yellowed and is brittle as all get out. I have to be extra careful when handling it, but that is also true to the old Performa 5215 sitting in my basement. It's really not worth it to fix, but I have it. 68k Macs are fun. I haven't decided my course of action. The cheapest route is probably to pull the scsi CD-ROM drive f

Happymacs Gopher Site Current and Planned Outages

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 21.01.2018, 16:58) A quick note to all the readers of this blog. The HappyMacs Gopher server appears to be down at present. Unfortunately I am traveling on business and will not be able to reset it until NEXT weekend. Regrettably therefore, the HappyMacs Gopher server is “off the air” until then. Another personal note that will impact […]

2017 in Review

(G5 Center - 29.12.2017, 18:14) Despite some big hopes and dreams to develop SimpleMarkPPC more, 2017 ended up being a quiet year for the site here. I didn't get as many updates as I wanted, but that's not the end of the world. It's not as if PPC software is exploding with new entries. We are essentially a somewhat viable fringe legacy platform. So, here's a quick rundown of some of the intriguing news of the past year: TenFourFox remains the most vital application for our G5s to stay connected and relevant on the internet. Cameron deserves his wide appreciation for the coding he does. Great guy! In fact, FPR5b1 is available as I write this. LeopardRebirth is also a fun little package that updates the look and feel of your Leopard machine. It also includes a solid little PPC Store app. It's getting updates and features some apps that I'm not familiar with but seem really useful. In some ways, this makes G5Center a little less relevant, but that's fine. Grab it here. On the negative end of things, Dropbox has officially stopped working on

Why I finally ride the SSD train

(PowerPC Liberation - 09.12.2017, 16:28) For the longest time...  I was always against using SSD's, as reliability had been an issue for the first several years they were on the market.  Now however, I have discovered the Samsung 850 EVO series of 2.5" SSD's, and damn are they amazing.  I have one in my Sawtooth, and one in my late 2009 Mac mini.  The performance and reliability is amazing all-round. As my Sawtooth relies on a PCI-M

Recommended Read: "Apple Macintosh G5: Flame On"

(G5 Center - 04.12.2017, 16:55) I highly recommend the following article which walks through an old Power Mac G5 in its capabilities and context in its day - why it was both an intriguing machine, a power hungry one, and a sign of imminent changes at Apple. Excellent, enjoyable read. http://women-and-dreams.blogspot.com/2017/11/apple-power-macintosh-g5-flame-on.html -- Nathan

Getting Software Onto A System 6 Mac

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 03.12.2017, 22:29) Your “new” System 6 Macintosh has finally arrived, and you have either loaded it with System 6 yourself, or more likely than not, it has arrived preloaded with it. Now you are eager to start loading your own favorite software onto it, but right away you are faced with a serious disconnect. The Problem: Today’s […]

System 6 Software Links Added to Recommended Links Page

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 01.12.2017, 22:34) As promised in my last post, I have now updated the Recommended Links page with a set of known good links to pages from which you can download System 6 compatible software. Some of these pages are devoted exclusively to System 6, but some are focused on Mac OS in general, thus System 6 and […]

Getting Started with System 6

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 30.11.2017, 14:38) Let’s assume that you have decided to dive into System 6 head first, as I did just recently. A whole new universe awaits you, and for those who are familiar with System 7 or later, it will take both some unlearning and some new learning to become proficient in this older, smaller but nonetheless very […]

Six on Six – 6 Points of Interest for the Aspiring System 6 User

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 09.11.2017, 02:08) Are you interested in trying out System 6? Well if you are, there are a few things you need to know about it before you dive in. In this post, I present six points of interest related to System 6. In my next post, I will discuss how to get started with System 6. Without […]

(Un)HappyMacs – A Mac IIsi and Gooey Caps

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 22.10.2017, 20:51) My recent interest in Macintosh System 6 led me to acquire a new Mac for the HappyMacs lab – a System 6 capable Macintosh with a larger screen (14” or more) than the rather diminutive one available on the Mac SE that was, up until this time, the only machine in the lab running System […]

WPA2 KRACK (Oh, God no)

(PPC Luddite - 16.10.2017, 19:34) It seems a researcher staring at code has discovered a giant flaw in the WPA2 protocol. I hate it when that happens.WPA2 is the wireless encryption protocol that secures our data between our wireless devices and our routers. This new crack takes advantage of a flaw in the 4-way handshake (trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about) to allow malicious hackers within physical distance of connecting to your router to read your wireless traffic and even inject malicious code onto your device (such as ransomware).It's important to note a few things. First, this crack cannot be used to attack your device from anywhere in the world. The attacker must be within physical distance to connect to your router's wifi. Second, all unpatched devices as of now are vulnerable. Third, HTTPS and VPN traffic remain secure as long as whatever applications you're using don't bypass those encryption protocols. This caveat mostly applies to apps; browsing HTTPS sites in a web browser is safe.The good news is this flaw can

My new old keyboard

(System Folder - 06.10.2017, 04:25) While I don’t have particular problems typing on flat keyboards with scissor-switch mechanisms, or membrane-based mechanisms, I honed my typing skills on fully mechanical keyboards, and I’ve always tried to go back to a mechanical keyboard for my main setup (currently a 2009 MacBook Pro often in desktop configuration). One of the most practical and […]

My Mac Mini G4 Saved Me & APFS Is Here

(G5 Center - 29.09.2017, 18:45) Last week, I picked up a super cheap Core 2 Duo iMac that is capable of running High Sierra for under $150. With a couple of extra sticks of RAM and an inexpensive SSD, the Mac will likely ease up my back and forth between work and home, so I don't have to worry about leaving my MacBook Pro behind. But there was one hitch... The SSD, a Samsung 840 Pro, would not show up in Disk Utility in the High Sierra USB boot drive. And opening up and fiddling with iMacs requires firm but patient hands. The less I was yanking that drive in and out, the better. What to do, right? Why wouldn't it read in this newer machine? What mistake did I make? Before I panicked though, I decided to the simplest task first. Open up the iMac, pull out the drive, toss it in an old USB hd exclosure I had, and plug it into my Mac Mini G4. And yeah, it showed up in Disk Utility there. Weird, right? I formatted it to HFS+, moved it back to the iMac, and was off and running. Speaking of formatting, APFS, Apple's new hard drive format, is he

More SSD Lessons from Adam Albrec

(PPC Luddite - 07.09.2017, 09:37) (The following is a guest post by PPC Media Center creator Adam Albrec who shares his experience using SSD and SATA for a year on his MDD Power Mac.)So after 1 year using an O.W.C. SSD (and figuring out a SATA connection to make it go) what have I learned?Still Loving it. For anyone doing PPC (in a case that lets you tinker), and wants a boost, in the final analysis, it is SO worth your money! My PPC is more responsive than my Brother's Mac Pro (Quad Xeon) and while it cannot say - convert a DVD to mp4 as fast, his only about 4x faster; which is interesting since it should theoretically have 15-20x the power of my MDD. Multitasking in Tiger also is silky smooth even with LOTS open.So what's the downside or catch??1. Well - a couple of very real things. This drive (especially in a 32Bit system like my G4) needs a good 60-80GB free for Swapping (especially if using a RAM heavy app like Photoshop CS4). Otherwise it will get REALLY unresponsive when it starts trimming unused blocks back to available status. With

Linux on Power community has moved!

(powerlinux - blog - 24.08.2017, 21:03)   The Linux on Power community has moved!  We are now officially called the Linux on Power developer portal     The Linux on Power developer portal was originally published on September 30, 2016. Since then we have grown...

Mailbag & Crowdsourcing - August 24, 2017

(G5 Center - 24.08.2017, 14:25) Yes, it's been a while since I have posted. At the beginning of June, I embarked on my first sabbatical experience, so I've been away from G5, out of the country, vacationing, and whatever. I'll be returning to normalcy soon, so in the meanwhile, here are some things from my glorious readers. Alex from Italy asks about trackballs compatible with the G5 - I figure trackballs are old enough that it is plug and play, but maybe not? I asked if you know a list of TRACKBALL compatible with G5. On the Mac Pro Intel, I have the Kensington Expert Mouse, I think it's the top but I can not find the driver to run it with G5 .... Good Logitech too! Peter asks about two step verification and Mail.app in Leopard: I'm sure that i'm not alone with this issue, but since July I have not been able to access my iCloud mail account using Mail 3.6 on my G5 (OS 10.5.8) or Mail 4.6 on a Mac Book Pro (OS 10.6.8).  I can still access iCloud using a web browser (TenFourFox on the G5) but this is not as convenient as having a Mail c

PowerAI Distributed Deep Learning with Tensorflow in NIMBIX

(powerlinux - blog - 16.08.2017, 19:53) IBM recently announced a technical preview of Distributed Deep Learning (DDL) for TensorFlow and Caffe  in the IBM PowerAI 4.0.0 distribution  . IBM Research has demonstrated close to ideal scaling with DDL software achieving record communication...

PowerAI Revolutionizes Deep Learning (Again!) with Release 4

(powerlinux - blog - 10.08.2017, 15:56) I’m excited to share with you that IBM has just released PowerAI release 4 which includes a technology preview of the record breaking Distributed Deep Learning technology we announced earlier this week. Drawing on IBM’s deep expertise in AI,...

New PowerPC Hardware in Sight

(PPC Luddite - 29.07.2017, 14:11) We have not one but two items of news on the PowerPC hardware front. Yes, you read that right. It's not just software developers still working in PowerPC. There's also some hardware development happening.First there is the PowerPC Notebook project I blogged about back here. They've kicked off a fundraising campaign to hire Acube Systems to design a PowerPC motherboard with the following rough specs (quoted from their project blog):CPU: NXP T208x, e6500 64-bit Power Architecture with Altivec technology4 x e6500 dual-threaded cores, low-latency backside 2MB L2 cache, 16GFLOPS x coreRAM: 2 x RAM slots for DDR3L SO-DIMMVIDEO: MXM Radeon HD Video Card ( removable)AUDIO: sound chip, audio in and audio out jacksUSB: 3.0 and 2.0 portsSTORAGE:NVM Express (NVMe), M.2 2280 connector2 x SATA1 x SDHC card readerNETWORK:1 x ethernet RJ-45 connectorWiFi connectivityBluetooth connectivityPOWER: on-board battery charger and power-managementCHASSIS: standard notebook case 15,6”As of this writing they've raised about 4,50

Box is friendlier than Dropbox for older Macs

(System Folder - 18.07.2017, 02:35) Ever since Dropbox dropped support for PowerPC Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, I’ve been trying to find a viable alternative to sync selected files and folders between my main Intel Mac, my iOS devices, and my various PowerPC machines. It was so great when Dropbox worked because I generally use my main […]

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 10.0-5 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 13.07.2017, 16:19) A new update release for the 10.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release contains a series of updates, including: GCC provides: Fixes for ICE with vec_xxpermdi and unrecognizable insn with __builtin_crypto_vsha...

nvidia-docker on POWER Update

(powerlinux - blog - 31.05.2017, 18:26) Some changes and issues have arisen since our  first post about running GPUs in containers on POWER .   The most exciting news is that the CUDA images have been pushed to Docker Hub, so you no longer have to...

Alpine Linux Officially on POWER and z

(powerlinux - blog - 31.05.2017, 18:02) We are pleased to share that Alpine is officially available for POWER and z. Many people were instrumental in making this possible: @leitao​, @4M9K_Roberto_Guimaraes​, and  Tuan Hoang, to name a few -- not to mention the amazing folks at Alpine....