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The Blackbird POWER9 board was finally released and even though I'm already saving my side money for the thing, right now I'm contemplating, if I really need it enough to spend the money. It is by all means not expensive - you won't build a x86 computer with server-grade CPU for the money, not with the ECC DDR4, not with the thread-per-core ratio, not with the nice µITX format. But still - I feel like I'm having too much of computing power already and I have no urge to acquire more.

If Blackbird existed in December 2017, when I decommissioned my G5, I'd buy it in the minute. But then I bought a cheap HP laptop with docking station and even that is more than enough for me. And the whole setup did cost about as much as I'd have to spend just on memory modules for BB.

But that's not the good old PowerPC spirit at all. There were times when I spent money on hardware I knew, I will probably never even power on. I just wanted to have it and to prevent someone from sending it to the waste.

But back then I had much more time for my private home computing. That significantly changed several years ago - family reasons. Our little boy (who is four and a half already) is an autie and although a very light one, it takes a lot of time. He doesn't like much when parents are not giving all their attention to him, i.e. we have to go to sleep with him every day, otherwise he just wouldn't go at all. I don't even remember when I spent a whole hour in my computer corner and spending the whole free day behind display as I did five-six years ago is a sci-fi story.

But still, I'd like to support Raptor CS and their effort, because I saw the proclaimed death of PowerPC several times and thanks to people like them it never happened. So I'm going to put myself back to the PowerPC mood. I'm going to test on my Mac Mini all available operating systems for the platform, compare them a bit and publish it here with let's say an OS every two weeks. If I'm not mistaken, nobody did this recently and info like that could be useful for someone. And it will enable me to spent more time on Power/PowerPC again.

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