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Conky on PowerMac G5

I use Debian 7 + WindowMaker as main operating system on both my PowerPC Macintoshes (dual G4 and dual G5). It's about three months now and I am satisfied more than ever before. The only thing I still really do in OS X photo editing.

My desktop

It's not that I do not like OS X anymore or that I fear its obsolence, but I do have Linux on my PC laptop and even on my ARM-based netbook and I prefer to have a consistent experience most of the time. One thing I missed from OS X is iStat Pro, which allows me to monitor my Mac.

The solution for Linux, which is at least as great as iStat Pro is Conky. It will display information according to your .conkyrc file right on your desktop. Since creating .conkyrc requires a bit of googling, reading, typing and trying, I decided to publish my own, which will cause Conky to display, what you see on screenshot above.

You just have to have PowerMac G5 supported by therm_pm72 kernel module (all machines equipped with PowerPC 970 or PowerPC 970fx CPUs). However if you have just one CPU, use another network devices or have different disk partitions, you need to modify it accordingly. Download it here and have fun monitoring your Mac!

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