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BootMania is now freeware

Good news, everyone! BootMania - utility, which can make your PowerPC based Mac boot over the network from another Mac, is now freeware.


Every NewWorld PowerMac, PowerBook, Mac Mini, iMac and iBook can boot from a boot server over local network, you just have to press the "N" key during startup. Unfortunately the boot server is included just in the Mac OS X Server, which is probably not the most widespread version of this system. BootMania from Beanz can make boot server from any ordinary Mac with ordinary OS X. You can boot various Linux or BSD installation media, downloaded as a image from the Internet, OS X installation media or even a working Mac OS X.

Almost six years ago I bought BootMania license for my iBook G4 and used it to install operating system to about a dozen of old iMac G3 machines with broken CD drives. After I changed iBook for PowerBook, I was again limited to demonstration version, because the license key is tied to a particular machine. BootMania website was dead and since I needed to boot another machine with broken CD drive to install Debian, I decided to contact original author via e-mail address found on Wayback Machine copy of the original site.

Today BootMania was made freeware by the author - Makoto Oda - and the site is back online. You can download the app, user documentation and utility to generate license key file. I would like to thank the author again. This utility has made my life easier and it's good to see and use it

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[1] ClassicHasClass (February 17, 2020 at 4:59 PM CET)
Wow!! Awesome find!
[2] galgot (February 17, 2020 at 4:59 PM CET)
Hi, great find.
Please do you know how to generate a license file with the utility provided ? The explanations are very "cryptic" on the original site...
Can't make it work.
[3] Unknown (February 17, 2020 at 4:59 PM CET)
The same here, can't make it work, help please
[4] venividivici24 (February 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM CET)
Ok guys, this is how you license it. Obviously, download the BootMania v1.3.2.dmg and the off the website. Make a folder called "BootMania", or something similar, on your desktop. Copy the files from the DMG into that folder. Then, copy the to the BootMania folder and extract the zip.

Now for the fun part. Open a terminal, type in, without quotes, "cd ~/Desktop/BootMania"

"./BMLicenseFileMaker 003065E79AFE"
"mv BootMania_003065E79AFE.bzl BootMania.bzl"

Now, open BootMania, and there should be a button somewhere in the windows that says "License" or something similar. (It's been a while since I've done this) Click on it and select the BootMania.bzl and it should activate.
Finally, move the BootMania folder to "Applications" if you want to.

I hope this helped you all :)

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