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Goldberg 2

There is one app, which makes for me the difference between PowerPC and Intel Mac...

... and that app is Goldberg 2 from Opus software.


Goldberg is simple photo viewer/editor which can display, rotate, resize and crop images in various formats and apply QuickTime effects on them. I have been using it since the day I first connected card from my 2-megapixel digital camera to my beige PowerMacintosh G3 desktop. In Mac OS 9 there was no bundled utility for this functionality, so Goldberg was a very welcome freeware solution. In OS X 10.5 most of this functionality can be done in Preview, but with an exception: cropping with fixed aspect ratio. I like to have my photos in defined aspect ratio (4:3 for compact camera, 3:2 for DSLR or 16:9 for wide photos) and it really is hard to do this using free hand selection in Preview.

That's why I have Goldberg 2 on all my PowerPC-based Macs and to be honest it's also why I haven't edited a single photo on my Intel iMac while I had it. Since it was developed in C++ with PowerPlant of Metroweks, it was never ported to Intel CPUs and it will never be. Development stopped in 2009.

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[1] ClassicHasClass (June 24, 2013 at 2:34 AM CEST)
Nice, there's Carbon and Mach-O versions. Beats firing up Photoshop just to tweak a picture.

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