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CruxPPC 3.0 Released

Good news, everyone! A year ago it seemed, that CruxPPC was a dying project, but now a new major version has been released!

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And why is this good news?

CruxPPC is well known for it's support of non-Mac PowerPC machines. On my IBM IntelliStation Power 185 CruxPPC is the only distro working right from the start. Project homepage states compatibility with Apple NewWorld (both 32 and 64bit) PowerPC, YDL Powerstation, Genesi PegasosII and EFIKA, ACube Sam440ep and Sam460ex and IBM Power Systems servers. As installation proceeds through chroot environment, this distro is targeted at powerusers, who know what they do. If you prefer something more user-friendly, use Debian or Ubuntu, but if you have (just like me) hardware that is not supported by mainstream distributions, go and give Crux a try!

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