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I have been idle on this blog for quite a long time. You may have been thinking, that I abandoned PowerPC and went to Intel. Nothing could be further from the truth: couple of weeks ago, I sold my 20" Core2 iMac and now I am back on Power, fulltime. My good old PowerMac G5 is (with a pair of 17-inch LCDs) now again the only desktop I use.

PowerMac G5

I bought the iMac mostly to have a Windows-capable computer to help me finish my thesis. That period of my life is now over and I have no longer use for such a machine. During last three months I merged and sorted data from all my previous computers to single network storage and now I am prepared to start again with some computing and blogging. I still use OS X 10.5 as my main operating system, with Linux as second possibility. In both systems there is plenty to write about and I will try to. For starters I should do something about that Kubuntu post from February - it seems pointless to install old version when there is a new one (on the other hand, 12.04 is LTS and I allways use these). Stay tuned.

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[1] ClassicHasClass (May 22, 2013 at 4:09 AM CEST)
Very nice!

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