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SSD in PowerMac G5

Couple of weeks ago I bought for myself and my wife a 3TB NAS from Seagate and moved onto it most of my data from PowerMac and iMac. With the iMac disk almost empty, I decided to get rid of original noisy and slow 250GB HDD and replace it with faster 64GB SSD. That will be about enough for system, apps and basic data and I expect OS X Lion to perform much faster.

But before I dismantled iMac, I decided to try SSD in PowerMac G5. My G5 has two 320GB SATA HDD and I never considered them to be slow, perhaps because I used only IDE/PATA drives before. Leopard boots in about minute and half from the startup sound to full desktop (automatic login is on), which is actually faster (or it seems so) than Lion on Intel. But still - can it boot faster?

Yes it can!

PowerMac G5 booting from the original 320GB SATA

PowerMac G5 booting from the SSD OCZ Agility 4 64GB

As you can see, clean boot time on SSD is less than a half of boot time on HDD. System was cloned from one disk to another and a new user was created with automatic login on.

I do not know, how will absence of SSD support in Leopard affect lifespan of the disk, but for me it sounds like a pleasant boost of PowerPC Mac performance. What do you think?

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