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All things must come to an end

And so does my more-than-year-long PowerPC hiatus. Last week I sold the HP 7300 desktop (Core-i5 based), I bought back in September 2015 to be my main desktop in the new flat (to which we moved after the birth of our son) and put the PowerMac G5 where it's supposed to be - on my desk.

PowerMac G5 desktop, February 2016

Last thing I did on my G5 (February 2016), was replacing faulty Radeon 9800 Pro, which died after six years of duty, being reflashed from PC version and overclocked in January 2010. My current graphics is a Radeon 9650, which is probably not as fast in 3D as the previous one, but has passive cooling only and is in fact a Mac edition, so there is no need for additional power cable as before.

The G5 still works like a charm, now I have a lot work to do. I haven't processed my digital photos since December 2015, as I never found it to be exactly a pleasure on the PC. That will take me more than a couple of days. Aside from this, there is some stuff that needs to be done:

  1. I want to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. Not that 4 GB is not enough, for sure it is for me, but I'd like to start using a RAM drive to speed things a bit.
  2. The machine still has the same pair of 320 GB drives as it did in 2009, I should replace them with something newer, there is no sign of decay, but nothing lasts forever - I'd better be prepared.
  3. Something needs to be done with the fans. I have no problem spending money on silent, non-original, but compatible ones. Will I find any?
  4. I'm thinking about removing the internal DVD drive and putting a 16GB mSATA in mSATA<->IDE adapter instead of it. It should be enough for Tiger (maybe even Leopard) with TenFourFox and TenFourBird and it will enable me to keep both SATA bays populated with big SATA drives for my data.
  5. Dropbox is dead on PowerPC. That needs to be solved, I can't possibly exist without all my devices in sync.
  6. I have to install Gentoo on my second drive. All other big distros are either gone or infected with systemd. What a pitty that my favorite Slackware is out of question (as it is x86/x64/ARM only).

It seems to be a long run, but I have time. I'm back on PowerPC and not going anywhere 'till the end of time, or at least the time until all my PowerPC hardware dies.

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